Agenda for the Parish Council meeting Tuesday 16th November 2021.


Summons and Notice of Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 

Tuesday 16 November 2021 at 7.30pm at White Colne Village Hall

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Declaration of Interests by members on items shown on this agenda.
  3. To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 21 September 2021.
  4. Matter arising from the minutes not dealt with elsewhere.
  5. To receive reports from Essex County Councillor and Braintree District Councillors

Public Question Time – members of the public may ask questions or make a statement about the parish council, other matters of local concern. Planning Pre Application – none

  • Planning Matters
  •    Applications:

21/02421/FUL         OS 7271 Land South West Of Fox And Pheasant Farm Colchester Road White Colne Essex CO6 2PS              Proposed Change of use of land for the creation of 4 no. Gypsy/Traveller Pitches, comprising the siting of 1 mobile home,1 touring caravan, and the erection of a utility building, per pitch, alongside the erection of a stables building comprising 2no. stable boxes, feed store and tack room (Part retrospective)

21/02955/HH          Four Ways Bures Road White Colne Essex CO6 2QE  Erection of single-storey detached garage

21/02967/TPOCON            Sewage Works Colneford Hill White Colne Essex                 Notice of intent to carry out works to tree in a Conservation Area – 1no Sycamore tree to fell to 50mm from ground level that is severely overhanging property.

21/02974/FUL         Brambles Farm Brambles Lane White Colne Essex CO6 2QG  Conversion of agricultural buildings to 3 x 2 bedroom and 2 x 5 bedroom dwellings (5 Units) to include associated demolition.

21/03035/TPOCON            9 Colchester Road White Colne Essex CO6 2PW Notice of intent to carry out works to tree in a Conservation Area Reduce Eucalyptus by 50%, partial pollard to maintain trunk, reduce remaining canopy below using appropriate growth points to create shape, it has 2 large bows growing towards the house, much thicker than the fine bows that also needs removing. The tree has grown too big for the garden and too close to the house.

21/03157/FUL         47 Colchester Road White Colne Essex CO6 2PW Change of use of office accommodation used in conjunction with Care Home (Class B1(a)) to 1No. independent 3 bed dwelling with new access (Class C3).

21/03233/FUL         Little Catleys Farm Catley Road White Colne Essex CO6 2QQ    Erection of single-storey detached garage, ancillary to dwelling approved under application 20/01880/FUL.

  • Applications approved by Braintree District Council
  • Any other planning matters raised by Members.
  • To note the appeal for 20/02104/FUL  The Meadows, Colne Park Road, White Colne, Colchester, Essex  CO6 2PL
  • To receive a report and consider further action regarding the Heads of Agreement for the Transfer of WCPC land to ECC in return for the transfer of the Village Hall land to the WCPC.
  • Community Liaison
  • To discuss plans for the Queen Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022
  • Community policing?
  • White Colne Meadows
  • To approve expenditure of £295 + VAT for works to the Heritage Orchard
  • Any other matters raised by members.
  •  Financial Matters
  • Payment of accounts since the last meeting
  • Financial statement
  • To discuss the first draft of the budget for 2022/23
  • To consider payment to the clerk for additional hours worked
  • Village Hall
  • To receive an update on the grants from the RCCE, Enovert, Awards for All and ECC Climate Change
  • To receive an update about the current hirings for the hall
  • To receive an update about storage for the historical papers at the hall
  • White Colne Village Green
  • To receive an update about the plans for Christmas lighting up ceremony on 4thDecember 2021
  • To receive an update about plans for the carols on the Village Green on 18th December 2021
  • Highways
  •  To receive an update on issues
  • Any other matters raised by members.

14.Correspondence Received

  15.To consider any other matters received since the preparation of the   agenda and which the chairman considers urgent.


  • To receive an update about the latest allotment agreements and rents
  • Any other matters raised by members.

17.Chairman to MOVE that the press and public be excluded during the transaction of the following items on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted

18.To discuss use of  the allotments and agree the next steps

     Petra Palfreyman

     Petra Palfreyman

     Clerk to White Colne Parish Council

      Date: 10 November 2021

 Approved minutes of previous parish council meetings may be inspected by    arrangement with the clerk.

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