Reminder of choices for village survey.

Here is the reminder of the choices. We need your response. Some of these ideas will attract further grant funds so we can extend our pot by just using a smaller amount to “ match” fund.

To do this we have to show community support so please let us know your preferences,

Please email your first second and third choices to

Voting paper for grant ideas 
Each member of your household over the age of 10 years has a vote.   
Choose just three favourites and rank them 1st, 2nd  or 3rd choice 
Depending on costs we may be able to afford two or more projects.
More play equipment (imaginary play)
New perching benches for wooded areas 
New fencing for allotments.
Planting of blossom avenue
Renovation of heritage orchard
Permanent canopy on exterior north side
Solar panels on roof-new roof not needed
Electric vehicle charging points at front.
Replace gas boiler with non fossil heating.
New tables & chairs + stacking trollies.
 Flowering tubs+auto irrigation system     
Christmas lights on every tree
A bandstand.
Hire of large  marquee for Jubilee event
Hire of musicians for Jubilee event.

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