Agenda for Parish Council meeting June 22nd 7.30pm in the village hall.


Summons and Notice of Meeting

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Parish Council will be held on

 Tuesday 22nd June 2021 at 7.30pm at White Colne Village Hall, 

  • Apologies for absence
  • Declaration of Interests by members on items shown on this agenda
  • To approve as a correct record the minutes of the meeting held on 16th March 2021
  • Matter arising from the minutes not dealt with elsewhere
  • To note the minutes that Petra & Jane met and signed outstanding minutes and banks statements which had not been signed due to Covid 19 restrictions.
  • To receive reports from Essex County Councillor and Braintree District Councillors

Public Question Time – members of the public may ask questions or make a statement about the parish council, other matters of local concern. Planning Pre Application – none

  • Planning Matters
  • Applications:

21/01442/TPOCON Details: Notice of intent to carry out works to tree in a Conservation Area – Requesting to be able to remove a cypress tree (tree “A” on the attached Annex A plan) – Waterlane House, 22 Colneford Hill, White Colne.

21/01426/HH & 21/01427/LBC Installation of secondary doors to cart lodge entrance, replacement of kitchen window, creation of disabled accessible WC and shower room, repairs to walls where external hardstanding level adjusted, replacement of bathroom window, removal of 20th Century stud wall in bedroom 1, creation of upstairs bathrooms, new timber stud wall to open up landing and replacement of bedroom window – 12 Colneford Hill, White Colne, Essex.

  • Applications approved by Braintree District Council
  • Any other planning matters raised by members.
  • To receive a report and consider further action regarding the Heads of Agreement for the Transfer of WCPC land to ECC in return for the transfer of the Village Hall land to the WCPC.
  • Highways
  • To receive an update on issues
  • Any other matters raised by members.
  • Community Liaison
  • To discuss arrangements for the Queens Jubilee
  • To discuss committing to partner with the Illegal Money Lending Team
  • Any other matters raised by members.
  • White Colne Meadows
  • To discuss if repairs are needed on the gate at The Chase.
  • To discuss the findings of the ROSPA report
  • Any other matters raised by members
  •  Financial Matters
  • Payment of accounts since the last meeting
  • Financial statement
  • To agree the level of reserves that should be held.
  • To certify that the Council is exempt from audit due to income and expenditure being less than £25000 and to sign the exemption certificate
  • To note the Annual Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2021
  • To receive the report from the Internal Auditor
  • To approve the Annual Governance Statement (Section 1)
  • To approve the Accounting Statements (Section 2)
  • To review the Standing Orders
  • To review the Financial Regulations
  • To confirm the insurance renewal with BHIB at a cost of £702.97
  • Grants from Braintree District Council
  • To discuss how to spend the Braintree District Council grants totalling £18946.57
  • Village Hall
  • To update members on issues from the Village Hall Management Committee
  • To discuss the Village Market and hire costs for the gazebo
  • Any other matters raised by members.  
  • White Colne Village Green
  • To receive an update on issues
  • Any other matters raised by members
  • Braintree Association of Local Council

(a)To receive an update from Jane Taylor

(b)To agree annual membership at a cost of £40 per year

  • Allotments
  • To consider amending the allotment agreement
  • Any other matters raised by members.
  • Correspondence Received
  • To consider any other matters received since the preparation of the agenda and which the chairman considers urgent.

 Petra Palfreyman

             Petra Palfreyman

             Clerk to White Colne Parish Council


Approved minutes of previous parish council meetings may be inspected by arrangement with the Clerk.

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