Discussion document Jan 2019 – proposed exterior works to village hall.

White Colne Parish Council 25/1/19

Village Hall Exterior


 Given that we are getting closer to ownership of the Hall and works begin on the new development at the rear it was felt timely to consider what could be done to the exterior areas.
In December 2018 Cllr. Bond asked Steve Smith, a resident on Colneford Hill, to undertake a professional survey of the area and propose some way forward. This survey would enable any works to be quoted on accurate plans which could ensure like for like quotations.


These plans should NOT be seen as a definite proposal but as aspirations as to what could be achieved.

To achieve all that is suggested would be an enormous task but is not outside the ability of the Council.

Initially it is suggested that the area at the NE end of the Hall, ie.at the road end, be paved to improve the entrance area.

Advice from Steve suggests that it is unwise to complete this in unbound materials.

Although paved areas would be more expensive in the short term, they would be longer lasting and require less maintenance. An idea of cost will be available for information.

If Councillors agree that the project is one that we could agree then it would be suggested that the following stages would enable achievable progress towards completion.

Stage 1 N.E. end of hall exterior paving App A (Yellow)
Stage 2 North area of hall paving App A (Green)
Stage 3 Canopy (permanent) erection App B
Stage 4 Temporary canopy erection App B

please note that the car parking shown at roadside is only a temporary measure whilst development at the rear is underway.

vh exterior 2019 app

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