The future of our newsletter

For many years now we have all enjoyed the benefit of having a village  newsletter dropped through our letterboxes.To produce it six or seven times a year took  up a great deal of time from a few dedicated volunteers . Sadly, we no longer have the manpower to continue.

It has been decided that we will revert to the original Newsheet ( first edition in the early 90s,) and this will be delivered  to every household in the next couple of weeks. It will also  be available on the website for downloading. Following this, in the New Year, all  future newsheets will be left at strategic points around the village for residents to collect their own copy. On the village green, inside and outside of the village hall, in the bus shelter, at the library, at the post office stores at Chappel, and if agreed at the Church.  If you can think of any other locations then let us know as we shall need to buy waterproof dispensers.  We will flag up the new editions on Nextdoor and our web site. We  will try to keep with the routine of producing a Newsheet before a Parish Council meeting. If you have a neighbour who will struggle to collect their copy, please be kind and offer to collect one for them .

Thanks for your support.

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