News from the PC meeting July 2018

New Councillor:    Mr Scott Bolton of 22 Colneford Hill was co-opted by members onto the council.

Planning :   18/00740 Chalkney Lakes Erection of 3 buildings for holiday lets.    The Council objected to this application stating amongst other reasons that it was development in the open countryside and would result in the loss of residential amenities

Community Orchard. Residents have complained about the overgrown state of the Orchard . The handyman will be asked again to carry out the work

Complaints were also received about the rubbish left at the recycling bins and the state of the exterior areas around the hall . It was agreed to ask BDC for a black bin, which may solve the problem with the rubbish.

Development behind the hall. . The Council agreed that they would now arrange to tidy up the area around the hall as there appears to be no progress with a new purchaser.

Weed killer on allotments. Complaint concerning over use of weed killer on an allotment resulting in drift onto other plots. It was agreed to add a note at the bottom of the September invoices reminding all allotment holders of safety measures when using chemicals

Full minutes will appear on this website in due course

Next meeting. September 18th 2018

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