Village Speed Indicator Device


The Parish Council was recently successful in making a bid to our Braintree District Councillors for funding to pay for an upgrade to our SID to enable us to download speed data. This work has been completed and also a tripod purchased to enable the equipment to be used in different parts of the village because until recently it has been confined to Colchester Road.

Early indications of speed have shown in excess of 74% of vehicles are travelling at 40mph plus throughout the day.

Speeds of 60mph plus are regularly recorded also. We shall attempt to publish data frequently in the Newsletter.

The information that we are collecting is being forwarded to Essex Police to inform their decisions about enforcement activities to help reduce speeds.

Data also records the speed of vehicles “leaving” the Sid area and this confirms that many vehicles may be reducing speed as a result of the indicator so this helps too.

The Parish Council is still eager to set up a Community Speed-watch Group and if you are interested in giving 2 hours per month to this please contact us.

Data downloaded from the device will be regularly posted on this site for your information. Click on S.I.D. on the home bar (just along from Newsletters and Parish Council )

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