Minutes of PC meeting held on 21st November 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at
The Village Hall, Bures Road, White Colne on Tuesday 21st November 2017 at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr Bond, Cllr Brace, Cllr Paxton, Cllr Saggers, Cllr Taylor (Chairman), Cllr Woolmore
Also Present: Temporary Clerk Mrs M Williamson, and 12 members of the public attended.

Cllr Tanous, Mr D Williams Clerk.

Cllr Brace, Cllr Saggers and Cllr Woolmore all declared interests in planning applications. They will not take part in any discussion or voting.

998. CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – The minutes of the last parish council meeting of 19th September 2017 which had been previously circulated were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


The meeting was suspended for public questions and statements.
(i). Several parishioners spoke about planning application no 17/01877/OUT. They objected on the grounds of drainage, wildlife, proposed houses too large, agricultural land, houses in the wrong place, and lack of infrastructure.
The meeting was resumed.

Cllr Taylor assured the members of the public that their concerns would be taken into account later on in the agenda.

(a) Applications
17/01608/VAR Land on the South side of Colchester Road – Application for variation or removal of some conditions following grant of planning permission 16/02124/OUT – The parish council object to the removal of Condition 21 due to highway safety issues, especially with construction traffic. The parish council have no objection to the variation of Condition 30 subject to the new wording continuing to allow for a paved footway 2 metres wide formed along the full width of the development up to Public Right Of Way 12. The parish council have no comment on the remaining variations and removal of conditions proposed.
17/01608/VAR Land on the South side of Colchester Road – To respond to Braintree District Council (BDC) regarding issues raised by agents following parish council comments – At the planning committee it was stated that the developers should enter into a discussion about the movement of the bus stop as in the current plans this would mean that current users of the stop further along the road will have to cross the road on the blind bend to access the stop. There has been no discussion. This was agreed with 2 abstentions.
17/01829/VAR Chalkney Lakes Log Cabin, Land at Chalkney Meadows, Colchester Road – Application for variation of Condition 7 of approved application P/BTE/776/89/FL/H – to allow a longer letting period in any year – No objection subject to:-
1.the application site and the cabin within it shall not be occupied by any leasee, tenant or guest for any period exceeding 28 days consecutively, or cumulatively within any calendar year. 2. the owners/operators shall maintain an up to date register of the names
of all occupiers of the cabin and of their main home addresses, and shall make this information available at all reasonable times if requested by the local planning authority.
17/01877/OUT Land South of 30 Colne Park Road. – Application with some matters reserved – Erection of 3 residential units with associated garages and alterations to existing vehicular access – We strongly object to this application for the following reasons:- 1. It is outside the village envelope, 2. The White Colne Village Design Statement page 33 item 6.4 states that all developments should be contained in the village envelope, 3. The village survey in February 2016 said that the majority response was for no development outside the village envelope, 4. The drainage of the site is of concern, 5. We note the Historic Building report and also note that this application will have an impact on the conservation area and nature reserve.6. Safety of pedestrians is compromised with no footway and the traffic movements. 7. We consider that this application is an overdevelopment of the site. 8. We would also state that White Colne Parish Council would not wish to accept the transfer of land which includes a soil heap.
17/01964/LBC Colneford House, 40 Colneford Hill – removal of fireplace in utility and bathroom – No Comment.
17/01249/FUL & 17/01250/LBC – 36 Colneford Hill – Erection of second storey extension over kitchen and first floor extension to side/rear entrance and kitchen and renovation – No Comment, with abstentions.
(b) Advice of Planning Applications approved by Braintree District Council (BDC). None notified, but it was noted on the BDC website that 16/02187/FUL – Land adjacent 112 Colchester Road – refused then allowed on appeal.
(c) Members discussed planning policy on comments on planning applications considering the Village Design Statement in the light of new planning policies proposed by BDC, and asked if the Village Envelope is still legally binding, and what weight has the Village Design Statement have. The Clerk is asked to write to Tessa Lambert, Head of Planning BDC, advising that we have a Village Design Statement (VDS) which is 5 years old, but updated in 2016. Is the VDS at odds with BDC during the planning process and to ask for a member of the Planning Team to attend an open meeting for a thorough discussion on planning issues.
(d) Cllr Taylor declared an interest in the following item and will not take any part in the discussion. Cllr Brace also declared an interest as a neighbour and will not take any part in the discussion.
Cllr Woolmore took the chair for this item
He said that the parish council had received three telephoned complaints regarding events at the land at Chalkney Meadows about noise, mainly singing and shouting, together with complaints about Chinese lanterns and some sort of floodlighting. At the meeting in July it was agreed to write to the owners of the land, and the contents of the letter are to be considered. He said that it is necessary to know the dates, times and for how long the noise continued. It has not been possible to find this data, and so no letter has been sent. In the minutes of Sept 2017, it was said that complainants should contact BDC enforcement officer directly.
Cllr Taylor took the chair.

It was agreed that the plan needs amending. To remove drainage of orchard, communal barbeque and safety fencing, all these had been done. To be added, allotment fencing, and land between bridge and abutment of Colne Park Rd towards the new development and behind the Village Hall, to change the area to a wild life area.

As the proposal to designate this as an Area of Outstanding Beauty requires local agreement, it was agreed that it should be in the next Local Newsletter, to see if residents agree.

Cllr Taylor said that she had met with the developer and agent, and it was hoped to complete documents by Christmas. The developers hoped to start in September 2018, and take about a year to 18 months to complete the build. There would be a temporary road, and no vehicle access to the car park during the build. They are still in discussion on the finishes. There would be a boarded fence behind the football area, then a wire fence, which would be the responsibility of the Parish Council. Before the development starts the boundaries will be staked out so they are clear, and the pavements will be clear right up to The Chase.
There will be no vehicle access to the allotments and the meadows during the build. There was a streetlight included in the original agreement. There will be a loss of revenue to the Village Hall during the build.

Cllr Taylor said that the Carols Event on the Village Green will be on 17th December, and volunteers and a Father Christmas are needed. Grateful thanks were recorded to Cllr Tanous for her sterling work on the Newsletter.

It was reported that the drainage has been done. It was agreed to look at the January budget meeting regarding the cost of buying trees and bulbs. There was a query about grasscutting, as it was being burnt and not being taken away.

Cllr Taylor reported that the hall has been granted a 100% discretionary rate relief. The hall needs replacement of tiles and gutters and back door, and this will be considered at the January budget meeting. Cllr Taylor said that there was a Boxing Day booking, and she has given permission for an event which included 2 dogs. The concrete boulders have been installed.

(a) No financial statement was produced due to the absence of the clerk through illness. The following cheques were authorised for payment:-
Cheque Payee Amount VAT
1752 Hole Service Earthworks – meadows drainage. £ 2,004.00 £ 334.00
1753 Destroyed
1754 PKF Littlejohn LLP. – external auditor fee £ 120.00 £ 20.00
1755 Mortimer Contracts Ltd – grass cuts. £ 386.40 £ 64.40
1756 Alphaprint Ltd – newsletter printing November. £ 105.00
1757 M Williamson – clerk duties November meeting. £ 44.00
1758 D Williams – clerk salary October & November £ 561.40
1759 H M Revenue & Customs – clerk PAYE November. £ 186.80
1760 H M Revenue & Customs – clerk PAYE December. £ 186.80
1761 Braintree District Council – TEN for carols. £. 21.00
Village Hall Account
576 S Parker – booking secretary September. £ 45.00
577 S Giera – cleaning £52.50,materials £22.00. £ 74.50
578 S Parker – booking secretary October. £ 35.00
579 BDJ Mapes – caretaker September & October. £ 100.00
580 S Giera – cleaning £33.75, materials £38.36. £ 72.11
(b) The external Auditors report was received and agreed, and thanks to the clerk were recorded.

It was agreed to consider putting it in the cost of approximately £400 for a petrol mower into the budget for next year.

(a) Cllr Taylor said that together with Cllr Bond she had met with ECC Cllr Beavis before the parish council meeting. ECC Cllr Beavis had been shown the issues of concern, and has photographs in addition. She is supportive of all the issues, and also supportive of speedwatch.
(b) Members agreed to apply for an amount of £750 to the BDC Councillors’ Grant Scheme for improvements to the Speed
Indicator Device information, and the clerk was asked to prepare and submit this.
(c) Members noted that the fittings for the street light outside 74 Colchester Road were missing, and the clerk was asked to enquire whether this is to be replaced.

Cllr Bond reported that he was still awaiting responses from other people.

After a discussion about quotes for fencing and the quality of fencing, it was agreed to consider costs of up to £2,000 and to look at this in the Budget meeting in January. It was agreed to ask Four Colnes Horticultural Society for a grant towards this.
It was also agreed to ask allotment holders not to change boundary fences without permission.

There being no further business the parish council meeting was closed at 9.20 pm.

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