Minutes of the PC meeting held on 18th July 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at
The Village Hall, Bures Road, White Colne on Tuesday 18th July 2017 at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr Brace, Cllr Paxton, Cllr Taylor (Chairman), Cllr Woolmore
Also Present: Clerk D Williams and 7 members of the public attended.

Cllr Bond, Cllr Saggers, Cllr Tanous, District Council (BDC) Cllr Siddall, BDC Cllr Spray, Essex County Councillor (ECC) Cllr Beavis

Cllr Brace declared an interest in minute 961(a) regarding the planning application for Land at South Side of Colchester Road as he is a neighbour of the applicant.
Cllr Woolmore declared an interest in minute 961(a) regarding the planning application for Land at South Side of Colchester Road as he is a neighbour of the applicant.
Cllr Taylor declared an interest in minute 961(d) regarding the planning issues for Land at Chalkney Meadows as she is an adjacent land owner of the land.
They will remain in the meeting but will not take part in the item discussion where an interest has been declared, and will not vote.

958. CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – The minutes of the last parish council meetings of 16th May 2017 and 20th June 2017 which had been previously circulated were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.


The meeting was suspended for public questions and statements.
(i). A parishioner said that he was disappointed to hear criticisms of noise and sound from the wedding site at Chalkney Meadows, Colchester Road. They have invested heavily in making further improvements to the sound system. It is now very difficult to move it in and out weekly, and it is now left in place together with the tipis. They have lodged an appeal with BDC against the refusal of the planning application for the wedding venue, and once the result of the appeal is known, they will be able to decide whether or not to take down the tipis between events. They will not host any more events than allowed under the general permitted development. The season will finish at the beginning of September. They said that the venture has brought income to the area.
The meeting was resumed.

Cllr Taylor said that this matter will be considered later in the meeting.

(a) Applications
17/01193/FUL Whites Farm House, Bures Road – Erection of two storey rear extension including the partial demolition and
reconstruction of the rear elevation – We support this application.
17/00189/TPOCON – Waterlane House 22 Colneford Hill – tree works – We support our tree warden’s recommendation and have
no objection to this application.
17/01211/REM – Land on South Side of Colchester Rd – Approval of Reserved Matters for ‘Access’,
Appearance’, ‘Landscaping’, ‘Layout’, and ‘Scale’ pursuant to outline planning permission
16/02124/OUT (Outline planning application for the erection of up to 8no. dwellings and
associated garages) – This application was held over and not considered as no quorum could
be formed. It will be considered at a meeting to be arranged.
17/01249/FUL & 17/01250/LBC – 36 Colneford Hill – Erection of second storey extension over kitchen and
first floor extension to side/rear entrance and kitchen, together with renovations throughout
and front elevation and new side gate and boundary treatment – No comment.
(b) Advice of Planning Applications approved by Braintree District Council (BDC)
17/00234/FUL – Mannings Farm, Dawes Hall Road – Partial demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of 3 bay cartlodge
with storage above.
(c) Advice of Planning Applications refused by Braintree District Council (BDC)
17/00509/FUL Acorn Cottage Bures Road – Proposed extensions and alterations including balcony
17/00455/FUL Morelands Farm, Bures Road – Retention of garage and garden store
(d) Cllr Taylor said that she had received three telephoned complaints regarding events at the land at Chalkney Meadows about noise, mainly singing and shouting, together with complaints about Chinese lanterns and some sort of floodlighting. After discussion it was agreed to write to the owners of the land, and the contents of the letter will be considered at the next meeting.
This will be an agenda item.
5 members of public left the meeting.

Cllr Taylor referred to the sale of the land behind the village hall and said that together with Cllr Bond they met the agent acting for the parish council and perused the proposed transfer document. This document is now being amended and matters are moving.

Cllr Taylor said that the lady who hired the pavilion has given a donation of £10 and she would like to see more use made of the pavilion and the Meadows. Cllr Taylor wondered whether the Friends of White Colne Meadows could be established, whereby members pay £20 and are then able to use the pavilion and the equipment.

Cllr Taylor said that the ROSPA report had been received for both the play equipment at the Meadows and also at the rear of the village hall. The handyman has been asked to attend to the deficiencies highlighted. A notice is required for the basketball goal stating no climbing etc. Cllr Taylor said that funds may be available from the Fifty Club which is now being closed. Cllr Brace proposed that 3 recycled plastic tables and benches at a cost of £500 each are purchased with these monies. Members agreed to this, and also agreed with the purchase of a rubbish bin on the Meadows. The handyman has advised that he will empty this bin.
It was also agreed that the rubbish bins at the rear of the village hall can be removed, but the recycling bins are to remain.
Cllr Taylor said that the parish council is awaiting agreement from BDC of the amount available to the parish under Section 106 arrangements for the drainage of the orchard. Three quotations have been received and we wish to accept the quotation from Hole Service Earth Works. The clerk was asked to contact BDC again and seek their confirmation of the amount due and approval that we can proceed with the job.

Cllr Taylor said that Mr Bill Mapes has now started the caretaker duties. Cllr Taylor said that no representative member had been proposed for membership of the Village Hall Management Committee and wondered whether the hall matters could be dealt with at parish council meetings. Members considered that this was a practical way forward and this will be considered as an agenda item at the next meeting.
Cllr Taylor said that all parish councillors should promote the community website Next Door as it is a quick way of communicating in the village.
Cllr Taylor said that broadband Wi Fi will be installed in the village hall shortly. Members have agreed to a cost of £29 per month for a minimum 18 month contact, and the installation cost of £350 that will be initially paid can be refunded from the Essex County Council CIF scheme.

(a).The clerk reported that since the last meeting, the following payments are to be made. These were authorised :-
Cheque Payee Details Amount £ VAT incl
1729 Leo Print Ltd – newsletter May £ 105.73
1730 D Williams – TV license paid for Village Hall £ 147.00
1731 Braintree District Council – copying charges for planning applications £ 27.23
1732 Mortimer Contracts Ltd -grasscuts,Meadows £189,V Hall £102,V Green £192 £ 579.60 £ 96.60
1733 D Williams-clerk sal June & July £935 less PAYE £373.60 £ 561.40
1734 H M Revenue & Customs – PAYE for clerk salary July £ 186.80
1735 H M Revenue & Customs-PAYE for clerk salary August £ 186.80
1736 J J Bond – handyman payment for B Mapes £ 440.50
1737 N Powell Davies – internal auditor fee £ 175.00
1738 Playsafety Limited – ROSPA reports for play areas £ 159.60
1739 Rural Community Council of Essex – subscription £ 52.80 £ 8.80
1740 White Colne PCC – replacement cheque for no 1726 lost- (added in May) £ 600.00 (Not added in)
1741 Leo Print Ltd – newsletter (amount to be advised) £
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback – electricity £ 13.00
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback gas £ 39.00
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback – electricity £ 13.00
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback gas £ 39.00
D/D Anglian Water – allotments £35, village hall chargeback £ 235.47 £ 270.47
D/D Colne & Stour Association – subscription £ 5.00
2. Funds Received​
Since the last financial report, the following funds have been received:-
Newsletter adverts £ 50.00
Nat West Bank – interest £ 0.17
3. Financial statement & Bank Reconciliation
Following the above transactions there is a credit balance on current account of £ 6,191.21
on reserve account of £10,199.73
Of which the balance held in reserve – Heritage Fund £ Nil
And the balance held in reserve – Village Hall maintenance & works is £ Nil
Total of allocated funds is £ Nil
Thus the balance of unallocated funds is £ 16,390.94
Bank Balances 16.05.17 £ 19,342.60
Add Receipts £ 50.17
Sub Total £ 19,392.77
Less Total Payments £ 3,001.93
Bank Balances 18.07.17 £ 16,390.84
Village Hall Account
1. Payments
The Clerk reported that since the last meeting, the following payments had been or are to be made:-
Cheque Payee Details Amount £ VAT incl
566 Aon UK Ltd – village hall insurance £ 352.54
567 S Parker – village hall booking secretary £ 47.00
568 J Taylor – reimbursement for hall window cleaner paid 2 x £14 £ 28.00
569 Suzanna Giera – village hall cleaning £ 22.50
2. Funds Received
Since the last financial report, the following funds have been received:-
Petty cash paid in £ 310.00
Village hall hires £ 805.50
3. Financial statement & Bank Reconciliation
Following the above transactions there is a credit balance on current account of £ 2,618.97
Bank Balances 31.03.17 £ 1,856.01
Petty Cash 31.03.17 £ 153.30
Sub Total 31.03.17 £ 2,009.31
Add Receipts £ 1,115.50
Sub Total £ 3,124.81
Less Total Payments £ 450.04
Less Petty Cash Expenses £ 52.75
Bank &PC Balance18.07.17 £ 2,622.02
Of which Bank £2,618.97 & Petty Cash £3.05
(b).The clerk advised that the internal audit for the Annual Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2017 had been completed and the report dated July 2017 from the internal auditor had been circulated to all members. The opinion of the report was that:-
The financial affairs of the council are generally well maintained, although there are still some concerns around processes related to the village hall. The council should work with the Responsible Finance Officer to bring these up to the standard expected when handing public money.
The recommendations of the report were that:-
1. Consideration should be given how best to account for and report on the village hall financial transactions. Care should especially be taken when consolidating the accounts for the village hall with the other council activities that there is no double counting of receipts and payments. This may be improved by paying all expenses relating to the hall out of the second bank account.
2. Cash receipts for village hall lettings should be discouraged and banked regularly and completely rather than being added to the petty cash account.
3. The internal audit, including scrutiny of the Annual Return, should be completed before final agreement by the Council.
4. The Council may wish to formally earmark some of its reserves for future projects or set some aside in case of a contested election.
5. The asset register should be updated for all major purchases.
Members noted this, and agreed to assist with the updating of the asset register. Cllr Brace thanked the clerk for the management of the council’s finances.

Cllr Taylor asked that a Speedwatch update is an agenda item at the next meeting.
Cllr Taylor referred to the agreement to join the Winter Salt Bag Partnership Scheme, and said that she would advise the clerk of the agreed location for the storage of salt so that the arrangements can be completed by the requested date of 23rd July.
Cllr Taylor asked the clerk to write to a landowner at Wakes Colne regarding a footpath at the back of Catleys that requires cutting as the hedge is growing over the footpath, and also some stiles on that land have barbed wire.
Cllr Taylor said that the footpath along the river needs shoring up between Chalkney Mill and Waterlane House. She suggested that Flitch Rangers are asked if they can kindly undertake this.

The clerk was asked to provide a laminated map of the allotment plots for the allotments notice board.
Cllr Taylor suggested that plot 16 is split into 4 plots as these would be more manageable.

An enquiry has been received from BDC asking whether the parish council are to make formal comments regarding the Local Plan. Members agreed that there is no policy for White Colne and it is up to the parishioners to respond if they wish.There being no further business the meeting was closed

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