Minutes of PC meeting September 2016

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at
The Village Hall, Bures Road, White Colne on Tuesday 20th September 2016 at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr Bond, Cllr Brace, Cllr Paxton, Cllr Taylor (Chairman), Cllr Tanous, Cllr Woolmore
Also Present: Clerk D Williams and 11 members of the public attended.

863. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr Watt, BDC Cllr Siddall, BDC Cllr Spray.

864. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS – Cllr Brace and Cllr Taylor both declared an interest in Minute 867(a) regarding the planning application for Land at Chalkney Meadows as they are neighbours of the applicant.

865. CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – The minutes of the last parish council meeting of 19th July 2016 which had been previously circulated, were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Cllr Taylor said that BDC Cllr Spray had responded to the parish council’s proposal of a partnership regarding play areas stating that this is not BDC policy, and she suggested considering using Section 106 agreements for new build properties instead. Cllr Taylor said that this was not relevant for a small parish such as ours.
Cllr Bond said that defibrillator training will be going ahead.

The meeting was suspended for public questions and statements.
(i). A statement regarding the planning application for the Land at Chalkney Meadows was made by one of the applicants. He said that they were endeavouring to set up a wedding site and need to work with neighbours. They have tried to deal with the issues raised and made alterations to terms and conditions but have been unable to satisfy the objections raised by one parishioner. They have made an investment in further equipment to satisfy neighbours. They are not looking to intensify the site, and are looking to keep the tipis in place during the spring and summer months.
(ii) The bus stop at York House is obscured by the hedge. Can it be cut back at the bus stop please.
(iii) A parishioner said that she has a boundary with the site and has not been overly disturbed and it does not impact on the enjoyment of their property. Increase of traffic is a problem and so the entrance to the site should be more prominent with improved signage. She said that speeding out of the village is worse than speeding into the village. The Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS) need charging up and moved around the village, and this could be a paid position.
(iv)A parishioner said that he is concerned with speeding through the village, and asked if something could be done with speed cameras. He said that he as a neighbour and does not have any problem with the wedding venue.
(v) A parishioner said that he had a lot of discussion with the wedding venue operators who have tried to help, but ultimately the noise is unacceptable.
The meeting was resumed.

(a) Applications
16/01352/FUL – Land At Chalkney Meadows Colchester Road – Change of use of land to form seasonal wedding venue (1 May to 30 September inclusive) including erection of three linked Tipis – Cllr Taylor declared an interest as a neighbour and read out a statement regarding this application. Cllr Brace declared an interest as a neighbour. Both Cllrs then left the meeting room. Cllr Bond took the chair. After some discussion the following comments were agreed unanimously – We have no objection to the application subject to Braintree District Council taking into account the objections raised by residents, and considering the following issues as conditions of approval. They are:-1. The number of events and the hours of operation, 2. The nature of events, 3. External lighting in the countryside to be controlled, 4. Noise controlled to reduce the impact on neighbours, not necessarily direct neighbours but neighbours in the valley, 5. Signage from the highway.
Cllr Brace and Cllr Taylor then returned to the meeting room and Cllr Taylor took the chair.
9 members of public left the meeting.
16/01460/VAR – Proposed Essex Air Ambulance HQ The Airfield Earls Colne – Application for variation of Condition 8 approved application 09/00548/FUL and Section 106 Agreement – to extend operating hours by two hours per day to 2400 hours –
The following comments were agreed unanimously – We support this application.
(b) Advice of Planning Applications approved by Braintree District Council (BDC)
16/00990/FUL – Colneford House 40 Colneford Hill – Installation of ground mounted photovoltaic panels.
16/01192/FUL – 11 Colneford Hill – Proposed loft conversion including the insertion of roof lights.
(c) Cllr Taylor said that BDC planning enforcement department has investigated the complaint regarding the containers on the land at The Meadows, Colne Park Road. They advise that the owner of the property is not selling and is proceeding with the development of the stables. He is continuing to utilise the containers in association with the development of the stables. The clerk was asked to diarise this matter for six months.
(d) Notification from BDC of the Planning Committee meeting date to consider application 16/00879/VAR for 41 Colchester Road has been received. Cllr Woolmer agreed to attend the meeting and to speak on behalf of the parish council advising the Planning Committee of the previously submitted comments.
(e) The parish council has been advised that Morelands Farm, Bures Road is currently building a workshop and sheds on their land, and understand that it is being built on former paddocks thus requiring consent for change of use on agricultural land, and that the size of the finished construction will be approximately 28m x 20m. There is also a caravan on the site which appears to be used for living accommodation. The clerk was asked to write to BDC planning enforcement department asking them to investigate this complaint.

Cllr Taylor said that there is nothing to report.

Cllr Taylor said that there is no events committee and there are no events to report. Cllr Bond said that the craft fair had been cancelled as there was not enough interest to run the event.

Cllr Brace said that the Meadows management committee consists of Cllr Brace, Cllr Paxton and Cllr Taylor. A maintenance action plan has been prepared and prior to implementation the remedial action has included the dredging of the pond together with post and rail fencing with deep water signage near the pond, and hedge cutting and management. Thanks to a generous donation of bricks, and a generous donation of time and labour, there is now an outdoor barbeque for parishioners to use. There have been two successful events recently, being HM The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations with a lighting of the beacon, and the barbeque celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the acquisition of the Meadows. There is a need for fresh ideas, and input from parishioners is welcomed. Cllr Bond said that he will attend to the required signage for the play equipment.

Cllr Taylor said that a resident has asked for wifi or satellite television at the village hall. She said that an Essex Community Wifi scheme is being launched for village halls, but she was unable to attend the launch.
Cllr Taylor circulated a report prepared by the Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) regarding the management of the Hall, its financial position and future relationship with the Parish Council. The VHMC should be strengthened, at least by one parish councillor to meet its constitutional requirements. The lack of residents coming forward to help manage the hall is of greater concern than in recent years. There is a concern that Health and Safety, and maintenance issues could be overlooked, and the internal auditor’s requirements for more formal controls requires greater attention for the volunteer Treasurer and Booking Secretary. The present rate of income does not cover all the running costs, and it should be decided whether the hall is an income generator, or a cost centre for the parish council, which would affect the precept. The VHMC will consider further and report at the next meeting, so that any cost implications can be included in the budget considerations in January. These may include the employment of a caretaker/manager. Members agreed to consider these issues further. This will be an agenda item in November.

(a).The clerk reported that since the last meeting, the following payments are to be made. These were authorised :-
Cheque Payee Details Amount £ VAT incl
1676 Peter Norris- village hall chargeback re PRS £111.60 & Aon Ins £345.30 £ 456.90
1677 John Watt – reimbursement – Hughes – TV for village hall £ 974.98 £ 162.49
1678 John Watt – reimbursement – Amazon – TV wall bracket £ 29.99
1679 John Watt – reimbursement – Screwfix – fixings for TV installation £ 15.48 £ 2.57
1680 John Watt – reimbursement – Amazon – sound bar for TV £ 104.59 £ 17.84
1681 John Watt – reimbursement – Dakota Group Ltd – TV aerial installation £ 288.00 £ 48.00
1682 John Watt – reimbursement – Allbatteries – battery for Highway SID device £ 42.58 £ 7.11
1683 Braintree District Council – copying charges for planning application £ 14.93
1684 W Paxton – reimbursement – Travis Perkins – materials for barbeque £ 11.93 £ 1.99
1685 Peter Norris–reimbursement–S Beck Ltd–village hall gas safety inspection £ 90.00 £ 15.00
1686 D Williams-clerk sal Aug/Sept £925.82 less PAYE+ home use as office £26 £ 581.02
1687 H M Revenue & Customs – PAYE for clerk salary Aug £ 186.00
1688 Mortimer Contracts Limited – cuts Green£189,Meadows£186,Hall£99 £ 568.80 £ 94.80
1690 H M Revenue & Customs-PAYE for clerk salary Sept £ 184.80
D/D Anglian Water – village hall chargeback £110.23, allotments £35 £ 145.23
D/D Colne & Stour Association – annual subscription £ 5.00
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback gas £ 19.19
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback – electricity £ 14.00
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback gas £ 19.19
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback – electricity £ 14.00
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback gas £ 19.19
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback – electricity £ 14.00
(b)Funds Received
Since the last financial report, the following funds have been received:-
Donation – Village Ventures on closure – Meadows income £ 36.30
Donations – raised by J Taylor on family barbeque event – Meadows income £ 90.00
Nat West Bank – interest £ 0.87
Braintree District Council – balance of S106 monies re 41 Colchester £ 962.30
for new village green noticeboard
(c)Financial statement & Bank Reconciliation
Following the above transactions there is a credit balance on current account of £ 4,546.95
on reserve account of £10,198.13
Total £14,745.08
Of which the balance held in reserve – Heritage Fund for village sign is£ 314.74
And the balance held in reserve – Village Hall maintenance & works is £ Nil
Total of allocated funds is £ 314.74
Thus the balance of unallocated funds is £14,430.34
Bank Balances 19.07.16 £ 17,455.41
Add Receipts £ 1,089.47
Sub Total £ 18,544.88
Less Total Payments £ 3,799.80
Bank Balances 20.09.16 £ 14,745.08
(c) The village hall bank account statement showing a balance of £2,519.20 at 2 September was exhibited.
(d) The bank mandate covering the village hall account, the main current account and the reserve account was completed. This authorizes any two signatories to sign jointly from the existing six parish councilors being Cllr Bond, Cllr Brace, Cllr Paxton, Cllr Taylor, Cllr Tanous, and Cllr Woolmore. It was internally agreed that one of the signatories be either the chair or vice chair and one other, but this is not included in the bank mandate. A similar mandate authorising the same signatories was completed for
the electronic banking facilities being provided by Nat West for both the village hall and the main bank accounts under the Bankline Lite arrangements.

Cllr Taylor advised that a revised quotation for the refurbishment of the village green sign for £357 had been received from Mr S Binks. This had been increased as the sign has to be removed off site with a box section metal collar being made. Members agreed to this and the clerk was asked to advise Mr Binks to proceed.

Cllr Taylor said that ECC Highways have advised that the blocked gully between 27 and 31 Colne Park Road previously reported, was cleansed and jetted in May.
Cllr Bond said that he would take over responsibility for the Speed Indicator Devices (SIDS) and would move the locations of the SIDS.
Cllr Taylor said that there have been a number of complaints and concerns expressed regarding traffic speeding and asked whether the Speedwatch campaign should be reintroduced into the village. Cllr Brace said that he would discuss this with Cllr Watt.
Cllr Taylor said that there have been a number of complaints regarding overgrown footpaths, and ECC Parish Paths Partnership have been asked for details whereby ECC pay for footpath cuts without parish involvement.

The clerk was asked to update the allotment waiting list and agreements.

Cllr Bond said that he would take over responsibility for the parish emergency plan.

Members asked the clerk to report to ECC the use of motorbikes in Chalkney Wood.
Cllr Taylor said that the grass cutting contractor Mortimers had asked if weed and feed was required for the village green. Members agreed that this was not required.
The clerk had advised that a reply had been received from Rural Community Council of Essex detailing the benefits of the two annual subscriptions for the parish council and the village hall. Members agreed with this.

There being no further business the parish council meeting was closed at 9.53 pm.

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