Minutes of July 2016 PC meeting

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at
The Village Hall, Bures Road, White Colne on Tuesday 19th July 2016 at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr Bond, Cllr Brace, Cllr Paxton, Cllr Taylor (Chairman), Cllr Tanous, Cllr Woolmore
Also Present: Clerk D Williams, Braintree District (BDC) Cllr Siddall and 1 member of the public attended.



852. CONFIRMATION OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – – The minutes of the last parish council meeting of 17th May 2016 which had been previously circulated, were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

Cllr Bond said that a reply to Essex County Council (ECC) Highways should be sent following their advice that the clearance of the gullies in Colne Park Road is not a priority and is not scheduled for work at present. He proposed that they should be advised that this will be a flooding issue in winter and that we wish to put this on record, asking again when will the job be done. Members agreed.

The meeting was suspended for public questions and statements.
(i). A parishioner said that the planning application for 41 Colchester Road for a bungalow will over develop the site, it will remove two parking spaces on the development leaving two parking spaces for two large detached properties. The bungalow might end up as a chalet bungalow. Parking is an issue for the bungalow as well.
The meeting was resumed.

BDC Cllr Siddall said that there will be a new grant scheme in September when a £1,500 grant from each District Councillor will be spread across four parishes.
Cllr Taylor asked if the parish council and BDC could have play equipment in partnership. Cllr Siddall said that he would look into this.

16/00879/VAR & 10/00537/OUT – 41 Colchester Road – Application for variation of condition nos. 3 and 7 of approved application 10/00537/OUT (Erection of two storey rear extension and first floor side extension to existing dwelling and alterations including reduction in building width, rationalise existing parking area and erection of two storey dwelling house with parking and amenity areas and formation of new vehicular access), Levels and turning facilities – We object to the retrospective changes to the original planning approval due to non compliance.
16/00899/OUT – 41 Colchester Road – Erection of detached bungalow to rear of no. 41, lay out parking and amenity areas, construct private drive with new vehicular access onto Colchester Road, form retaining walls, and alter parking and amenity areas to existing dwellings – We object to this development as it will over develop the site, it will restrict the gardens of the other two properties reducing their amenities, it will reduce the parking for the two main detached properties, it is out of character with the pattern of nearby development, and there will be a loss of amenities to the residents of the bungalow as they will be overlooked by the other detached properties.
16/00990/FUL – Colneford House 40 Colneford Hill – Installation of ground mounted photovoltaic panels – We support this application in line with our village design statement.
16/01192/FUL – 11 Colneford Hill – Proposed loft conversion, including the insertion of roof lights – No comment.
15/00918/FUL Acorn Cottage Bures Road – Change of use of existing barn to run a business from the premises
16/00565/FUL Baggaretts Farm Dawes Hall Road – Proposed new forage, fodder and general purpose store
16/00830/FUL – 1 Colne Park Road – Erection of rear and side extensions and internal alterations and replacement garage
15/00031/COUPA APP/Z1510/W/16/3142243 – Tymbar Weir Farm, Wakes Colne Road – Application for a prior notification for Proposed Change of Agricultural Building to a dwelling house (Class C3)
(D) Cllr Taylor said that BDC planning enforcement department is dealing with the complaint regarding the containers on the land at The Meadows, Colne Park Road and as the containers are still on site the clerk was asked to obtain an update on this.

Cllr Taylor said that our agent had recently met with ECC and the developer and matters are still proceeding. The picket fence in front of the hall will be renewed.

Cllr Taylor referred to the parish council’s agreement to fund repairs to the war memorial to a maximum of £500 and said that there were no developments.
Cllr Bond said that following the installation of the defibrillator the parish has joined the Community Heartbeat Trust scheme named VETS which is a phone system providing a volunteer to bring the defibrillator to patients who cannot get to the defibrillator. Cllr Bond said that the ambulance service will undertake the training for the use of the defibrillator in September.
Cllr Taylor said that there was a good attendance for the recent family picnic and barbeque on the Meadows and £90 donations were received. There will be costs to deduct from this. Cllr Brace said that the parish council will thank Colchester Brewery for the donation of a barrel of beer for this event. Cllr Taylor said that the pond dipping event carried out free of charge by Daws Hall Nature Trust went well, and that the Trust considered that the pond was in good condition.
Cllr Bond said that a quotation for £300 to repair the village sign on the green had been accepted last year, and the clerk was asked to follow this up with the contractor to establish when the work will be done.

Cllr Paxton said that work is being done on the issues highlighted in the risk assessment for the Meadows. The handyman is to remove the wire from the football pitch fence and replace some wire with wood. The dead trees along the chase have been removed, and signs and fencing around the pond has been done. The water tank is to be removed and another stand pipe to be provided inside the allotments fencing.
Cllr Taylor said that the ROSPA report highlighted the damage being caused to the play equipment by grass strimming and asked the clerk to write to the contractors advising them of this. Cllr Taylor said that the handyman will be asked to repair the splintered picnic table.
The clerk was instructed to ask Mr Hadley to quote to cut the wild flower meadow as he has done in previous years and if the cost is the same as previously, to ask him to proceed.

Cllr Taylor said that the ROSPA report highlighted that notices are required for the play equipment, and Cllr Bond said that he would look into this matter.
Cllr Taylor said that a hall management committee meeting is required to discuss the survey that has been completed for the village hall by Mr David Smith. The committee will then report in September regarding the work that should be done.

(a).The clerk reported that since the last meeting, the following payments are to be made. These were authorised :-
1658 Aon UK Ltd – Annual parish insurance £ 727.00
1659 T V Licensing – TV for village hall £ 145.50
1660 R A Lock Electrical Ltd – TV installation in village hall £ 108.00 £ 18.00
1661 W Paxton – reimbursement for payment of gift for designer of questionnaire £ 49.00
1662 Viking Signs Ltd – danger deep water signs for Meadows pond £ 22.69 £ 3.78
1663 Leo Print Ltd – May newsletter £ 101.14
1664 Play Safety Ltd – ROSPA reports for play area & Meadows area £ 143.88 £ 23.98
1665 Hole Service Earthworks – fencing work to Meadows pond £ 336.00 £ 56.00
1666 Stuart Simpson Joinery Ltd – village green notice board (funded by S106) £ 1,376.68 £ 229.45
1667 Rural Community Council of Essex – subscription £ 48.00 £ 8.00
1668 Braintree District Council – copying charges for planning application £ 29.36
1669 D Williams-clerk sal June/July £925.82 less PAYE £ 555.82
1670 H M Revenue & Customs – PAYE for clerk salary July £ 186.20
1671 Mortimer Contracts Limited – cuts Green£189,Meadows£248,Hall£99 £ 643.20 £ 107.20
1672 N Powell Davies – internal auditor fee £ 175.00
1673 White Colne 50 Club-refreshments- electors meeting&Queen’s90th- Meadows£ 76.21
1674 Leo Print Limited – Newsletter July £102.13 & £38.25 Special £ 140.38
1675 H M Revenue & Customs-PAYE for clerk salary Aug (released 16/8 ) £ 184.80
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback gas £ 19.19
D/D Scottish Power – village hall chargeback – electricity £ 14.00
D/D Anglian Water – allotments £35, village hall £137.81 £ 172.81
2. Funds Received
Since the last financial report, the following funds have been received:-
Nat West Bank – interest £ 0.87
Donations – Beacon Lighting Queen’s Birthday £ 80.00
Grant – White Colne 50 Club – TV for village hall £ 1,500.00

3. Financial statement & Bank Reconciliation
Following the above transactions there is a credit balance on current account of £ 7,258.15
on reserve account of £10,197.26
Total £17,455.41
Of which the balance held in reserve for the Heritage Fund is £ 314.74
And the balance held in reserve for Village Hall maintenance & works is £ Nil
Total of allocated funds £ 314.74
Thus the balance of unallocated funds is £ 17,140.67

Bank Balances 17.05.16 £ 21,129.40
Add Receipts £ 1,580.87
Sub Total £ 22,710.27
Less Total Payments £ 5,254.86
Bank Balances 19.07.16 £ 17,455.41
(b).The clerk advised that the internal audit for the Annual Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2016 had been completed and the report dated June 2016 from the internal auditor had been circulated to all members. The opinion of the report was that:-
The working out of the implications of the desire to recover input VAT for the village hall continues. Incorporating all the village hall transactions in the year end accounts was successfully accomplished. More work is now needed to bring all processes up to the standard expected when dealing with public money. I am confident that all those involved will continue to work together successfully to this end.
Recommendations were:-
1. More consideration needs to be given as to what extent and how the financial transactions relating to the village hall should be included in the other processes of the council, especially with respect to regular reports to the Council and capture of all VAT paid.
2. A receipt book must be introduced to record payments for hire of the village hall and income should be banked more regularly. It may also be advantageous to encourage more payments by electronic transfer or cheque.
3. Consideration should be given to including the village hall under the main council insurance policy.
4. The village hall cleaners should be paid at least the national minimum wage.
Members agreed to these recommendations.
The Annual Return has been sent to the external auditor.
(c) Cllr Bond said that the internal auditor recommended that bank signatories to the village hall account must be parish councilors. He proposed that the village hall bank account is transferred to the control of the parish council and that it is covered by the same bank mandate as for the main account, and that all parish councilors should become signatories. A letter should be sent to Nat West advising them of this signed by the existing signatories where possible. He proposed that until these mandate arrangements are completed, the Parish Council main account covers the expenditure of the village hall account until funds can be reimbursed. This was all agreed and a cheque to P Norris was agreed for £456.90 being reimbursement of the PRS license of £111.60 and Aon Insurance of £345.30 that he has paid.
It is noted that Discretionary Rate Relief from Braintree District Council will be reviewed once the village hall is under the control of the parish council and not a village hall committee or charity. Cllr Taylor said that the VAT benefits should be borne in mind.
It was agreed that the bank mandate should specify any two signatories to sign jointly. It was internally agreed that one of the signatories be either the chair or vice chair and one other.
(d) It was agreed that electronic banking facilities be provided by Nat West for both the village hall and the main bank accounts under the Bankline Lite arrangements which can accept instructions from two signatories. The clerk is to be the administrator of the main account and savings account, and the clerk and the village hall treasurer are both to be administrators of the village hall account.
(e) Members queried two payments to the Rural Community Council of Essex for annual subscriptions to the village hall and the parish council, and the clerk was asked to establish the benefits of both subscriptions and report bank.

Cllr Taylor said that ECC Highways had invited the parish to join in the salt bag scheme again this winter. Cllr Taylor outlined the difficulties of the scheme including the considerable monitoring required and members decided not to join the scheme. The clerk was asked to advise ECC, ask for a stock of salt as we have our own arrangements with salt bins purchased by the parish council and also ask for the salt bins to be filled up.
Cllr Taylor said that there have been a number of complaints regarding overgrown footpaths, and the clerk was asked to write to the ECC Parish Paths Partnership, advise them of these complaints, and that as a pro active parish council we wish to work in partnership so that local landowners can become involved in cutting and obtain reimbursement from ECC.
Cllr Taylor asked that the clerk contacts ECC Highways regarding the long standing works agreed to the top and bottom of the village green, and ask what is causing the delay in implementation. Braintree Association of Local Councils did not appear to raise these issues at the last Local Highways Panel meeting.
Cllr Taylor said that Boley Road is on ECC list for Quiet Lane status as agreed works, but the budget has not yet been allocated for it.

Cllr Taylor said that the unused triple plot in the corner adjacent to the pavilion could be used as a sensory garden with raised beds, and funded from S106 monies.

There being no further business the parish council meeting was closed at 9.35 pm.

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