Parish Council Minutes – February 2016


                                WHITE COLNE PARISH COUNCIL

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held at

The Village Hall, Bures Road, White Colne on Tuesday 16th February 2016 at 7.30 pm.

Present: Cllr Brace, Cllr Paxton, Cllr Taylor (Chairman), Cllr Watt (later).

Also Present: Clerk D Williams and 7 members of the public attended.


  1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE – Cllr Bond, Braintree District Council (BDC) Cllr Siddall.


  1. 807. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS – Cllr Brace declared an interest in Minute 809(a) regarding the planning application for 76 Colchester Road as he knows the applicant. He will remain at the meeting but will not take part in the discussion and will not vote regarding this matter.



The meeting was suspended for public questions and statements.

(i). A parishioner said that she has difficulty listening to councillors and asked if they can be aware of the public who wish to hear discussions.

(ii).A parishioner said that she was against housing development and development of the village but is happy with infil.

(iii).A parishioner asked if it had been suggested that a percentage of new houses are offered to the present population of the village. We do not have the amenities to support an increased population in the village.

(iv).A parishioner said that developers will wish to build in our area for profit, but we need more affordable housing.

(v).A parishioner said that the Earls Colne doctors’ surgery is already under pressure and new housing will mean more delays in making appointments to see a doctor.

(vi).A parishioner asked if each parish is given a target for the number of new build properties.

(vii). A parishioner asked if White Colne parish is in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The meeting was resumed.



(i). Cllr Taylor said that members will take note of this.

(ii). Cllr Taylor said that the local plan, once agreed, will run until 2032. The parish council has arranged the consultation so that the village can support new proposals.

(iii).Cllr Taylor said that BDC want to see affordable housing on new sites.

(v). Cllr Taylor said that Cllr Bond is involved with the surgery patient partnership and she suggested that any concerns are passed to him.

(vi). Cllr Taylor said that we understand that the target for the number of new build properties is at district level.

(vii).Cllr Taylor said that the parish is not in an area of outstanding natural beauty, although the Stour Valley is such an area.


Cllr Watt joined the meeting at 7.55pm.




15/00918/FUL        Acorn Cottage Bures Road – Change of use of existing barn to run a business from the premises – We do not

object to this change of use for this business but would ask that conditions are imposed:-
1. to control any HGV movement via the protected lane Parkhurst Green Lane.
2. to control external lighting so that it does not impact on the neighbouring property or dominate in the open

3. to regulate the hours of working to include no workings on Saturday afternoon or all day Sunday and Bank


15/01579/FUL        1 Colne Park Road – Change of use of outbuildings from cattery business to residential in connection with the

main dwelling – No comment.

Cllr Brace declared an interest in the following item and will not take part in the discussion and will not vote regarding this matter.

16/00206/FUL        76 Colchester Road – Erection of rear single storey garden room extension and balcony – No comment.


15/00031/COUPA  Tymbar Weir Farm Wakes Colne Road  – appeal against refusal for prior notification for a proposed change

of agricultural building to a dwelling house – The parish council are aware of this building and fully support

the reason for refusal of this application by Braintree District Council.


Cllr Taylor referred to the consideration of sites for development and the parish development boundary which are required for submission to Braintree District Council for the Local Plan. She said that this would be an item on the agenda for the March meeting following the distribution of a leaflet in the parish asking for parishioners’ views.



Cllr Taylor said that for personal reasons Chris and Rita Pearcey have resigned from the parish council and from the village hall and events committees. She said that she is very sorry to see them depart and they will be greatly missed. She thanked them for all their hard work, and all members agreed. Cllr Taylor said that she will join the village hall committee in replacement.





The clerk said that the bank mandates will require revision for both the current and business reserve accounts, and also for the village hall account, where an internet banking mandate will also require consideration, and members agreed that these will be agenda items at the March meeting.



Cllr Taylor referred to the heads of agreement for the transfer of parish council land to Essex County Council (ECC) in return for the transfer of the village hall and land to the parish council. She said that she had been advised that ECC will auction the site at the rear of the village hall in April or May, and the clawback scheme, previously minuted, is being discussed by our agent and ECC.


There being no further business the parish council meeting was closed at 8.12pm.



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