Dogs on the Meadows

Over the last six months we have had increasing reports of dogs being out of control, whilst being exercised on the Meadows, and this cannot continue into the New Year.
A young man has been frightened and chased by three ferocious dogs, with no owner in sight. A cockerpoo escaped into a nearby farm and killed a flock of rare breed poultry. A Terrier and a bull dog, roaming free, have on several separate occasions, viciously attacked dogs being walked on the lead, resulting in a vet bill for one distressed owner of over £200.
These are the incidents reported to us, but we suspect that there could be more. Owners have stated that they fear repercussions if they report these attacks to the dog warden. We now find ourselves faced with a situation where responsible dog owners are nervous of walking their dogs on the Meadows. There is the growing risk too of a child being attacked as well as the obvious risk to poultry and Spring lambs in nearby farms.
It’s the old problem of a few people spoiling everything for the majority.
If you exercise your dog on the Meadows ask yourself the following questions:
Does my dog run off to greet other dogs, and ignores my calls to return?
Has my dog shown aggression to other dogs whilst out walking?
Does my dog love to chase rabbits and won’t return immediately when called?
If you answer YES to any of these questions then DO NOT walk your dog on the Meadows unless it is on the lead at all times. Only obedient, well trained dogs should be allowed off the lead in public places.
The Parish Council has the power to impose bye laws to control dogs, ranging from dogs on leads at all times to a complete ban on dogs. None of us want to take this step, so we are asking everyone to be more responsible.
We need to work together to stop these incidents occurring. Those of you who are responsible dog owners need to record evidence of any future attacks. If you send your photos and information to the PC then we can collate the information and send it all to the dog warden. Hopefully this will lessen the fear of repercussions on individuals. Please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Council if you want to discuss this or scroll down to post your comments.

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